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Hi my name is Jill Berning and I started this company in 2019. Before I tell you about my company let me start by telling you a little about myself. My husband and I run a family farm and ranch with our son. We live on the Rocky Draw hence the name. We have two wonderful children Chandler and his wife Stephanie who have two beautiful boys, Brantley Allen age 2 and Brett Hays 2 months. And our daughter Shaelee Smith and her husband Derek have one son, Blayson Mitchell age 2 1/2. They will be welcoming home a new baby boy in January.
I was doing books at a local feedyard until September 2016 when our first grand baby made his entrance into the world early weighing barely over 2 lbs. My husband and I made the tough but right decision for me to stay home and watch him. We have always put family first and let God handle the tough stuff.
After staying home for two years I started experimenting with baking goods to occupy my free time. After experimenting with several things I started making toffee and I fell in love with it! I started to sell to local customers and many of them encouraged me to start a business. After much thought and prayer I decided to jump in. So here I am.
I absolutely love making toffee and experimenting with different flavors. As of right now I have toffee with pecans or with toasted almonds. Pecans is the winner with my family but I love using toasted almonds. It makes the whole house smell delicious when I am toasting the almonds. For the topping I use milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and semi sweet chocolate. I just love the smell of making toffee and watching it carmalize. I have enjoyed building my business and meeting new people. Thank you for checking out our website I hope you try some toffee and enjoy it as much as we do.


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Rocky Draw Toffee, LLC

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Rocky Draw Toffee, LLC

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